Baby Pouch

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We just love these perfect little baby pouches.

White, washable paper is block-printed with our custom, hand-carved stamps and stitched together with premium quality, black faux leather. Fully lined with thick black cotton, a turquoise, metal-toothed zip with a tan, leather pull tie completes the look.

As these fabrics age with use, the washable paper will soften up and crease like leather complimenting the distressed nature of the block print. Two designs are available, our trademark buffalos or intricate palm leaves.

The smaller size makes this an Ideal bag insert to make your life easier; keep your valuables separate or your make-up organized.

Measures approx. 16 cm wide x 15 cm deep.

The nature of block-printing means no two pieces are the same. The pouch pictured will not be the one you receive but this means each is unique to you and, in our opinion, makes it all the more special.

Care instructions:
Spot clean washable paper with warm water & mild soap. Pat dry.
Wipe clean faux leather.
Spot clean lining.


Image of Baby Pouch Image of Baby Pouch Image of Baby Pouch Image of Baby Pouch