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Introducing a new staple to our core collection of pouches, made from a few of our favourite things. We chose premium materials in a rich, masculine colour palette that are both beautiful and durable enough to meet your daily needs.

White washable paper is block-printed with our trademark, black buffalo skull, backed with antique gold oilskin and finished with a petrol blue, metal-toothed zip. A double-denim pocket trimmed with an oilcloth panel and contrasting stitching sits to the right for easy access to your phone or passport.

As these fabrics age with use, the washable paper will soften up and crease like leather while oilskin distresses like your favourite wax jacket. Inside, the oilcloth half is lined with thick, black cotton where the heavyweight paper remains unlined for maximum flexibility.

The extra-large dimensions make it an ideal travel partner or work buddy. Carry it on its own or keep it as a easy grab bag within your luggage. It comfortably fits an iPad, headphones and book. Pop your passport in the front pocket for quick access.

Measures approx. 35 cm wide by 23 cm deep.

The nature of block-printing means no two pieces are the same. The pouch pictured will not be the one you receive but this means each is unique to you and, in our opinion, makes it all the more special.

Care instructions:
Spot clean washable paper and pat dry.
Denim can also be spot cleaned.
Some colour transfer may occur from the indigo denim.
Do not wash oilskin.


Image of Travel Pouch Image of Travel Pouch Image of Travel Pouch