'Wanderlust' Bandana

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Image of 'Wanderlust' Bandana

An amazing addition to our collection of accessories is this amazing bandana, block-printed here in our Belfast studio with a collection of hand-carved symbols.

Snow-capped mountains and cacti sit below a setting sun pattern. Tiny buffalo skulls and palm leaves are centred within a repeating series of moon cycles. Edged with a starry border this little baby encapsulates everything we love about the wild outdoors and gives some serious wilderness vibes.

Made from lightweight, gauzy white cotton with a stitched, raw edge for an effortless bohemian vibe, she can be worn as a neck scarf, tied in the hair or wrapped around you bag or wrist. The possibilities are endless. Keep it close to remind you to stay wild and adventure always.

The nature of block-printing means the occasional mark or smudge may be left from the stamp. These aren't noticeable in the grander scale of any piece but it makes each scarf entirely unique and that is the part we love about this art.

Measuring 65 cm by 65 cm approximately.

Hand wash only.
Do not dry clean.
Carefully trim the raw edge thread if and when desired or necessary.


Image of 'Wanderlust' Bandana Image of 'Wanderlust' Bandana